17 December 2010

A New Start

I, Erin Czarra, have been quite lazy the past year and a half when it comes to blogging about life here in Paris/France.  But in my defense, (and to cling to my learned French behavior of finding something to blame other than myself), when you think your time is limited in this city, better to go out and explore it than sit in your cramped Parisian apartment and write about it, right ?  But in a typical, American girl living in Paris fashion, I found myself an adorable French man, and it looks like I will be staying here permanently.

In celebration of making France my official new home, I've decided to write about my experiences here more often.  Mostly so that the family and friends across the pond can keep up.  But to all you perfect strangers out there on the Interwebs, welcome and I hope you will enjoy my musings as well.

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