30 May 2011

Paris Blog Roll Call

People often write to me as they are about to embark on their journey to the City of Light.  Where do we eat?  Where can we drink?  Do you know a good hotel?  Tell me some off the beaten path stuff to do...you get my drift.

My blog came about to keep said people informed, as well as provide a list of places to go eat, drink, and get a sugar high.  Writing the same e-mail over and over again just exhausted me, and it was usually met with no "thank you" at the end (except from good friends).

Yet, with a rather exhausting full-time job outside of Paris, a long commute, and wedding planning, it is often hard for me to get out and tell you about ALL the cool things going down in Paris.  I do try my best, but I am only one woman.

So, I've decided to put together a list on a regular basis of Paris blogs that catch my eye.  This way, you not only have MY recommendations, but you also have recommendations from some very fabulous people here in Frenchy-town.

Jennyphoria:  I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny about a month ago for a collaborative Francophone blog venture.  She is such a creative, energetic person and her blog definitely reflects that.  She takes you outside of the "where to go in Paris" realm and shows you Paris through her eyes.  Funny anecdotes about interactions with fellow Paris inhabitants, interesting events...and to top it all off, she makes short films!

52 Martinis:  Forest, the author of 52 Martinis, is my go-to gal for all things cocktails.  Her blog takes you around the best cocktail spots in Paris.  Heard about a bar in Le Figaro but aren't sure if it is what you're looking for?  Check out her blog.  And if it isn't there, suggest it, and she'll do the honorable task of checking it out.  She is one of the most social people I have met thus far in this city, nay my life.  Her writing is humorous and it makes you become, well, a regular.

Liberté Égalité Crème Brûlée:  Emma gives you an insight to her culinary adventures in Paris, exploring markets, restaurants, and searching for the best croissant in the city.  She tends to write more about her discoveries rather than "the place to be right now" in Paris that everyone else is writing about, giving you a chance to go beyond the crowd.  I love reading Emma's blog and Tweets because she always seems to be making delicious and creative meals!  I thoroughly enjoy her bubbly energy, in her writing and in person!

Ma Vie Française:  This blog is a collaborative effort between French and Francophiles.  People write about their experiences regarding art, fashion, the French way of life (l'art de vivre), food, and many more topics that fascinate us non-Frenchies and Frenchies alike.  It's a growing endeavor, with photography and film becoming other ways for people to contribute.  This blog is a real gem if you want to know what it is like to really live in France and understand its cultural complexities and realities.

Happy Reading!

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