14 June 2011

Blog Roll Call : My Diary From Down Under

Today, friends, we are gonna take a break from Paris.  I know, I know.  It is probably why you came here.  But no worries.  Today's blog entry could save your life.

My friend Nikki has been writing this incredibly informative, amazingly funny blog about the cervix.

How on EARTH can one do that ?!?!

Well, when you are as talented as Nikki, you can make it happen.  Also, when you are trying to get the word out about cervical cancer, there are so many things to write about given that this topic is not one that is often highlighted by those who entertain and inform the general public.
We all hate the stirrups.  We all hate the awkwardness that goes with a pelvic exam.  But let's be real here...it ain't nothin' compared to surgery (they can either cut off part of your cervix or take the whole darn uterus), chemotherapy, or, well, death.  Cervical cancer isn't as glamorous as breast cancer (you just can't beat a t-shirt that says "Save the Tatas) but it is a very serious risk to a woman's health that few of us know about.

And that's where Nikki comes in.

She dispels myths, tells you about the pelvic exam and how it is totally painless (and easier than what your girlfriends might say while complaining), how to have an exam while pregnant, etc.  Basically, anything you've ever wanted to know about down there, but free of all that sterile CDC, medical lingo that leaves you feeling scared and with a head full of really long, Latin-based words.

If you have had a pap smear, an experience with cervical cancer and are battling it or are a survivor, then go check this place out and tell your story !  The internet has given us a powerful forum to educate others about this potentially devastating disease, so let's use it !

My Diary from Down Under is Nikki's blog about the cervix and anything you've ever needed to know about it.

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