09 August 2011

New Paris App: Paris Bargain Eats

I have yet to succumb to an iPhone.  The hubby has one, and uses it all the time.  Yet whenever I get my hands on one, I am all at once perplexed and in awe.  It is such a neat little piece of technology, yet the whole typing on the tiny touch screen really freaks me out.  I keep waiting for the new one to come out, but Apple apparently can't make up their minds as to which month they would like to release it.  I do, however, have an iPod Touch which allows me to explore fun games and apps for life.  So I was really excited when I heard about this new App called "Paris Bargain Eats."

Hallelujah, an App that can tell you where to eat reasonably in Paris.

Photo: iTunes

The app is easy enough to use.  It is categorized by arrondissement.  However, it leaves out the 8th and the 13th-20th.  I know that some of these arrondissements are not real "touristy" areas, however, they do have a trove of awesome restaurants to be discovered.  Perhaps the creator of this app was out of time, but really, they should have used the remaining arrondissements as an excuse to stay longer in Paris!  I do hope that they will add the other areas, because otherwise, they are neglecting some pretty great gems.

A great feature is that you can see which restaurants among the ones listed in the app are open today or any other day.  This could be quite handy when you are a tourist in Paris on a Sunday!  Another nice thing about this app is that it has photos and videos of every restaurant.  You can see some of the dishes served, what the store front looks like, and sometimes the menu.  The videos and pictures do not require an Internet connection, making it very convenient and easy on your wallet when over in Paris without your data coverage.

There were LOADS of spelling mistakes.  Is it really that hard to spell check your app before you sell it?  The worst was calling the famous Polidor restaurant, located in the 6th arrondissement Palidor.  At 2.99 USD, they can do better.

I think that this is an interesting app, and hopefully as time goes on, they will update it to include more arrondissements and a wider selection of restaurants than they already have.  I'm not too sure that the local crowd looking for budget places to eat will appreciate the offerings of this app, but it is a great concept; one that I am sure many students and budget conscious travelers will enjoy.
Paris Bargain Eats is available on the iTunes store for 2.99 USD.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I've been here for 4 months and just got a new iPhone, so this is another good app I need to buy. Hope they update it with all the arrondissements eventually. BTW, do you know any good restaurants in the 17th? We just signed a lease on an apartment there - I'll be so happy to have my bed again :)

  2. Paris Bargain Eats is a really great app! I just looked at this app and it is EXACTLY what I need. What an excellent idea to list good places where you don't spend a fortune.

    Thanks for letting us know about this app!

  3. I downloaded Paris Bargain Eats. Exactly what I wanted.
    Now I can make intelligent choices on where we should eat.
    I noticed they have a website for the app.
    What a charming idea this app is. I'd like to see this done for Rome, London, Madrid etc.
    My first travel destination will always be Paris however, so I'm happy to have this app on my iPhone.