28 May 2012

Flamby vs. Cupcake

It started off as a joke.  A laugh between friends and family.  The little Southern girl who got so flustered over cultural idiosyncracies that she one day exclaimed during a rant, "As soon as I have my French citizenship, I'm running for President!"

While I still lack the citizenship, and probably the money and sponsors, I've decided to share the laughter and dreams through the written word. 

Do you dream of service with a smile instead of customer service that makes you (almost) cry?

Do you long for ice cubes in your local grocery store to allow for hours of party rockin' with cold beverages?

Do you feel that if a Parisian were to say "excusez-moi" in the métro when knocking you over during the morning commute, they just might explode?

If you want change you can believe in...come join the fun bus that is Flamby vs. Cupcake.

Overly processed flan ain't got nothin' on cake and icing made with love and Southern hospitality.

1 comment:

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