20 December 2012

Bye Bye 2012...and Paris?

Oh hey.  Remember me?  One of the many Americans who lives in Paris and talks mostly about the food.  Yea, I finally felt like writing.  Mostly because I don't want to stand up and make Christmas cookies for the next few hours.

About the time of my last post, the hubby and I got some life changing news.  And all my thoughts turned to that.  Suddenly, I couldn't really go out to the hot and trendy restaurants, because half the menu is off limits to me.  And most of the time, I come home from work and just want to crash from being so tired.  All excess energy reserves have to be focused on how to handle this life change.  It sounds depressing, I know...but really, the changes that are coming are quite the blessing.

Fast forward two months, and we get more life changing news.  We might be leaving Paris.  Changing continents.  Changing lifestyles even more.  It's really been a lot to take in.

I love France, and I love Paris.  I am so lucky to be able to have all these museums, beautiful buildings and gastronomical gems at my disposal.  My French family goes beyond my wildest dreams and makes me feel so welcome here all the time.  For the first time in my life, I can truly say that I feel like I can be myself.  Before, I never imagined that I would actually make a life here.  Now, I can't imagine a life where this wasn't the picture.  But the hubby and I are excited about these new possibilities, despite the eyebrow raises and the scared reactions we tend to get when we announce where we might be going.

And to be honest, I'm ready.  While the magic of Paris never fully goes away, I'm over the attitude.  I'm over the crappy weather.  I'm over the constant defensive posture I have to take to get many things done, from my residency permit to getting a full night's sleep on Saturdays at 3 AM.  To me, it will be nice to live in a place where people face a different reality, a different daily grind.  Where they aren't so hung up on the name dropping, the way you dress, the school you went to, or the way you pronounce a word.

I'm ready for 2013.  Normally, I am rather indifferent to the beginning of a new year.  I don't celebrate it in a big way, and I would almost rather sleep than stay up to watch the sunrise on 1 January.  But this year, I feel like we have so much to be thankful for and anticipate with excitement.  It'll be hard, but all the good things in life are.  At least I'll have a fantastic person by my side who will eat up Paris with me as we start to say our good-bye, welcome these life changes with a smile and laugh, and make the next year beautiful.

Happy Holidays folks, and may your 2013 be equally as exciting as mine.


  1. I'm curious where you might be going...but wherever it is, wishing you all the best of luck and a healthy, happy New Year!

  2. Best of luck in the 2013 adventures that await you... wherever they are :) Happy New Year!