02 March 2011

Big Move

Radio silence.

This is what happens when you change apartments in Paris.  Why?

Because France Télécom legally has 10 days to change your phone number and Internet accounts when you move, and they take every day of it, especially when you are a customer for a competitor (aka Bouygues Télécom)...It is amazing that over 60 years after Julia Child's stay in Paris, some things like not getting telephone service quickly, haven't changed.

I've done many a cool thing worth writing about, but I have some great photos of said events and prefer to not write my blogs halfway.  I cannot upload my pictures at work, so here we are...on hold.  Anyhow, I went to the Salon de l'Agriculture, had a dinner with 16 great people made by the lovely Laura and Braden of Hidden Kitchen, and this weekend, I will be putting together my little nid d'amour right by the Eiffel Tower followed by a trip to the huge Festival du Livre Culinaire.

Good things are worth waiting for.

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