19 March 2012

Pinspiration: Macaron Finds

March is a festive month.  You have Pi Day (3/14), which allows you to gorge on as much pie as you want.  You have Saint Patrick's Day, during which revelry and green beer reign supreme.  And then in France, you have the Jour du Macaron.  March 20 should be written in your calendar if you live in Paris.  Period.  This date marks the most hallowed occasion where you can walk into Pierre Hermé and say, "Why yes, thank you, I will have a free delicious macaron."  Of course, it isn't completely about hedonism.  It does serve a good cause.  This year, in exchange for that free macaron, you can give a donation towards Autism, as all proceeds will go to Autisme sans frontières.  Who knew that such a sweet little treat could do so much?

In order to whet your appetite, here are some gorgeous macarons I found while fumbling around Pinterest.

Macarons au chocolat amer (køkken69 blog)

Lemon Lime Macarons (Call me cupcake blog)

Vanilla Raspberry Macaron (dustjacket blog)

Strawberries and Cream Macarons (mowielicious blog)

Homemade macaron made by me :)

For a list of all Pierre Hermé locations worldwide, click here.  Go forth, enjoy the macarons, and give to a good cause!

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